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4D Premium Dentures

4D Printed Premium Dentures

Burdette is excited to offer the latest innovation in removables. These digital dentures are fully 3D printed using Carbon technology. It is paired with the new IPN 3D™ Digital Denture Teeth for the most advanced removable dental solution available. Our 4D Printed Digital Dentures are fabricated using a streamlined process with Lucitone, IPN 3D, and Carbon. These dentures are a long-lasting solution as they exceed ISO high impact standards. Our 4D Premium Denture utilizes body-activated material, which creates a two-fold increase in the total work-of-fracture material property. This allows the dentures to resist breakage and prevent cracks.



  • Uses Body-Activated Material for Increase Strength
  • Reduced Chair Time
  • Increased Comfort
  • Ideal Esthetics
  • Exceeds ISO High Impact Standards
  • Features New IPN 3D™ Digital Denture Teeth
  • Carbon Printed Using Lucitone® Digital Print™ Resin

BAM! Body-Activated Material

BAM Chart

Lucitone® Comparison

The material performance you have come to expect now for digital dentures.

Lucitone Chart