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TEREC Group Member

TEREC is a consortium of independently owned and regionally-operating dental laboratories that work together to bring dentists the collective mindshare of 16 labs with the personal relationship of one. TEREC’s main objective is to serve as a resource and counsel to promote the business success of its members. The group operates as a vital resource to its members by sharing technical, managerial, financial and marketing information. By building strong cooperative relationships with industry leaders, TEREC can assess, research, develop and evaluate current and emerging technologies and processes.

The group has been instrumental in the launch of various products, systems and technologies such as Procera®, Lava®, Cone Beam Scanning for implants and includes beta testing products, one of the many benefits TEREC members receive. With the ability to test new technology before it’s available to other laboratories, TEREC members can offer customers and their patients the latest products more quickly after their market release.

By choosing to work with a TEREC member lab like Burdette, you're choosing one local lab backed by a wealth of technical experience, industry research and access to cutting-edge products from manufacturers.

Here at Burdette Dental Lab, we pride ourselves on taking the necessary steps to stay ahead of the curve in the dental industry. This commitment is exemplified in our TEREC membership, as the collaborative nature of the organization allows us to stay current on cutting edge technologies and access to the newest products available.

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