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Digital Dentistry

The dental industry is evolving rapidly along with digital technology. At Burdette, we have made all the necessary investments in our workflow to ensure you receive the best possible restoration for every case. We utilize digital dentistry in the fabrication of all our high-quality restorations. Our Carbon M1 3D Printer allows us to fabricate innovative digital dentures that can reduce your chairtime and increase patient satisfaction.

Your Digital Partner

As digital impression scanning becomes more integrated into our everyday work, it is crucial your dental lab is keeping pace with the industry’s cutting-edge technology. Burdette accepts .STL files form all major dental impression scanning platforms and even provides a discount for every case we receive digitally. Now your practice can avoid the hassle of taking and shipping traditional impressions while enjoying valuable savings on your monthly statement.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

  • Accepts Files from all Major Intraoral Scanners
  • Ideal Precision and Fit
  • Utilized for Every Case
  • Digital Dentures
  • Discount for Digital Cases