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The next generation in zirconia formulations, cubeX2 is a cubic zirconia material so different from conventional full-contour zirconia it needed its own FDA approval. With translucency that’s 10-15% higher than conventional zirconia, it’s a cosmetic alternative to lithium disilicate restorations. With its high flexural strength of 720 MPa, it’s twice as strong as conventional cosmetic materials.


Single and 3-unit bridges in all tooth positions.

Chamfer or feather-edge margins, an occlusal clearance of 0.8 mm and a stump shade for anterior cases due to translucency

Conventional cementation
Excellent retention with resin-modified glass ionomer
When prep is less than 4 mm from margin to occlusal tip and more than 20% of taper, bonding is suggested

Fine grit diamond with light pressure
Always use water
Use polishing paste or polishing wheel