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The Best Dental Crown is the One You Never Notice

Never Miss a Chance to Smile with Burdette ProEsthetic

At Burdette Dental Lab, we’re redefining the standards for dental crowns. Our ProEsthetic crowns are meticulously crafted from multi-layered zirconia, offering an impeccable blend of strength and esthetics. Bid farewell to the esthetic shortcomings of traditional zirconia crowns and welcome a new era of smile perfection.

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Why Go for ProEsthetic?

Seamless Process Awaits

Start your ProEsthetic journey with ease. Request your Starter Kit, complete with everything you need for your first case submission – including prepaid shipping labels and a detailed product catalog.

Experience the joy of delivering smiles that not only look beautiful but also feel comfortably natural. With Burdette ProEsthetics, compromise is a thing of the past.

Elevate your dental practice with Burdette ProEsthetics. Order your Starter Kit today and join us in the pursuit of crafting captivating smiles.