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Save on Your Next FlexFit™ Partial!

At Burdette, we want to thank you for choosing us as your laboratory partner. Save on your next FlexFit™ case and experience the convenience of our online send a case process. Sending a digital or traditional impression to our lab takes little time and even less stress. Everything you need has been compiled in one convenient place, so once you get started your case will be at Burdette in no time.


What type of case are you sending?

Send a Traditional Case

Follow our step-by-step guide to easily send your traditional impression to Burdette. Everything you need is provided, including a promotional Rx form, shipping labels, local pickup request, and case scheduler.

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Send a Digital Case

Burdette is a fully digital lab, which means we can accept digital impressions from all major intraoral scanners.

To redeem FlexFit™ offer, reference promo code: FLEX339 when submitting your digital file.

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What to Include

For all traditional case submissions please be sure to include: A Completed Promotional Rx Form, Impressions, Before/after photographs, Study models and Bite Registration.

Download Promotional Rx Form
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Choose Your Delivery Method

Shipping Options

Provide your zip code below to discover if you fall within our local pickup zone or print a FedEx shipping label if you do not.

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You’re Finished!

Thank you for choosing Burdette Dental Laboratory. If you would like please use our convenient case scheduling tool to find out when exactly your case will be returned to your practice.

Optional: Schedule Your Case

Our easy-to-use case scheduling tool will take the guesswork out of when your case will be returned.

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