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Vitallium® 2000

Vitallium® 2000

Vitallium® 2000 chrome cobalt alloy is the premium choice for partial denture metal frameworks. Vitallium® 2000 is a nickel-free and beryllium-free alloy that provides delicate precision cast clasps and a highly polished metal surface for patient comfort and satisfaction.


• The highest yield strength and tensile strength of the Vitallium alloys
• Increased flexibility without deformation or fracture, making it excellent for predictable chairside adjustments
• High surface luster
• Nickel and Beryllium free
• Smaller, lighter framework

Partial denture using a wide range of teeth and acrylic finishes

Smaller, lighter, offer good fit, adjustable, fracture resistance, biocompatible

  • Not as esthetic as acrylic material